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Hello Everybody !

I am Bella, a Photographer Passionnee. I began to take photos in 2015 and since this year I love to take a lot of photos and it’s the reason that I created this website, to share my passion for the photography with you and communicate with you about the photography.

Here, I listed some questions to help you to know me moore but if you have some questions to ask me, comment below and I will answer you for sure.

Why did you began to take some photos ?

I began photo exactly in the end of 2015’s year because I wanted to catch the sunset and after it’s became an habits for me and I receipted my camera for Christmas because I wanted really to become a photographer passionne.

And, taking some photos is permitting me to communicate with each others who are passionate by this also and keep with me some memory like for example my last trip with my grammy in December 2019 or my trek.

Are you specialized in a specific main ?

No, I love to take photos to all of the things of the life : wedding, birth, birthday, treks, travels, food etc ..

Do you do some videos of your treks ?

No because it’s difficult to walk and take my camera during the moment of that I walk but I will try it for my next treks.

What is your dream in the photography ?

I haven’t dreams in photography, I just want to continue to share my passion and all of my tips in photography etc .. with other people threw this website 🙂

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